Baby Massage


I had mentioned in a previous post that we started baby massage well this week was our last. Our course was with Rachel of and is based in Dame St. It can be a little bit of a trek on the wetter of days but well worth it once we arrive. This class I find is more a bond with baby than a social time with other mums as you are so ensconced in the little one in front of you.
It really is a lovely one and one time with Josh and I find it quite emotional at times having time to reflect on how special he is and how truly lucky we are. Sometimes you are running around so much that these moments are golden.
Each class starts with a introduction around the room as well as a new ‘topic’ every week, for instance last week was favourite body part, mine is his hands and his eyelashes. Then we start with some stretches for mum and a little baby yoga before starting on the massage. We focus on a new area each week also going back on the areas we have already learnt.
I did wonder how we could stretch what is essentially one technique over 5 classes which is also fully explained in a handout but I was wrong. As I mentioned above it is mostly about he bonding with baby and Josh absolutely loves it and gurgles his way through the hour that goes by in a flash! I do try and do a daily routine of a little morning yoga and afternoon massage as he loves it so much.

The class is baby led so feeding, nappy changing etc is all part and parcel. There had been a couple of requests for partners to attend as a granny had popped in on our first class, I thought this was a lovely idea and my husband was going to try come in on a future day off. However someone had stated they did not feel comfortable feeding in front of other dad’s. I suppose this is fair enough but I did feel it was a little discriminatory as I believe all these experiences should be shared if you are in a position to do so. My own mum was a single parent and I know how much she would have loved to experience all these types of things with my dad. I also feel it is unfortunate that people still feel uncomfortable feeding ‘publicly’, I did too at the beginning but in this country there is still some way to go it seems before feeding by breast becomes the norm!

Anyway as I ramble on I will finish with saying that I would recommend Baby Massage as one of your chosen activities when you are choosing from the abundance that you can do! As previously mentioned check out your Health Insurance and of course too.