New Year Old Me with a few tweaks…  


We are just shy of 2 weeks into 2018 and so far so good in that I am managing to keep upright, implement a few small changes and my children are still alive and happy.

Like every change of year nothing drastic has changed just as you wouldn’t expect it too and I had posted recently about just being happy with my lot so that is what I am focusing on day to day.

There is a lot of buzz about self care and mindfulness etc but to be honest that can put you under another pressure if you feel like you are not managing to achieve that or what is even may look like on a day to day basis. We all know we need good sleep, good food, warmth and love to survive but in our ever increasing hectic lives (with children or without) just being still is what we are probably all lacking a bit. I am taking baby steps in ‘self care’, the latter end of 2017 was incredibly busy and I have come out the year feeling slightly withered.

So for 2018 I made simple goals and here are some of a medium sized list-

  1. No phone to bed
  2. Read more
  3. Get into a series
  4. Drink more water
  5. More family walks
  6. Mediate daily

So far I have done 5 out of 6 so that aint bad with the rest of the list to keep working through but being mindful that doing nothing and standing still, just being fine with right now is good too. That can be harder I find as a parent, you are always awaiting the next milestone, craving more sleep and phases to pass but time shoots by so fast so its embracing the little moments and building the bigger ones from those which is what is important to me right now.


New Year, New Me? 


Not likely but I have put some ‘plans’ in place… 

I never really give anything up at New Year but I always think it’s a good time to re asses. 

As a mum of 2 now the dynamic of our lives have shifted again and we are still adjusting to that… it’s been a bit mad up to now. Since Max has been born it has t seemed to stop, straight into Halloween with an excited almost 3 year old then Josh’s 3rd birthday, mine, Christmas and all the madness that brings with my husbands birthday in the middle of that too. There was a lot of lovely fun times but barely any down time and being that busy isn’t very congusive to being ‘present’ in any of those moments and it felt a bit hamster wheel sothe next 6 or so months is all about my little family and enjoy the special moments we have. 

I got the Happiness Planner as a gift for Christmas and there is definitely a bit of time involved filling it all out but I’m certainly going to try to have the goals etc completed by the end of Janurary.

This week Josh started Montessori which also brings a change to our routine as Josh has only ever been in creche 3 days he is now in an extra 2 mornings. 

When reflecting on what makes me happy my family came up trumps but I am also all for ‘me time’ and getting breaks. I love being a mum but I admittedly say that I work best when I get the odd break. Now this doesn’t mean a weekend in a far away land or even a day away from the boys necessarily. This may be just an hour, half an hour even every once in a while to get my nails done, mindlessly flick on my phone, clear my head or if my luck is in maybe even take a nap. It makes me a better mum and while I feel a bit funny saying it as I know others that spend 24/7 with their little brood it’s what works for me.

There is also time with my husband to consider, quality time is pretty non existent at the moment, there is shopping to get done, house to clean, meeting friends, mum to see and keeping myself in some kind of order. It’s busy but I think once we find our new routine and groove it will all seem more manageable. The days just go by so fast. It’s just about finding a small bit of balance if that’s even possible when expanding your family will remain to be seen. Reading in the evening, going out for walks, cooking and eating well-simple things. 

Would I change it, not for a second, I could probably do with a bit more sleep which would bring a bit more patience with my 3 year old and more energy to converse with my husband and see my pals a bit more but I know that time does not stand still and I also need to lap this time up too. 

What having Max has made me realise even more than ever is how much I love being a mummy, it’s such a special time and it goes by so quickly.. I’ll be embracing time with my little baba this new year because as hectic as it seems right now I know in the blink of an eye the moments will pass and those moments are times to cherish, not wish away! 

New Year.. New Plans 


Happy 2016! As we take down the decos and finish off the last of the bikkies I am happy to be moving into the new year.

A lot has happened us in recent months and we were happy to say goodbye to 2015. Some good did come out of the year and just seeing Josh evolve has been such a joy.

Life can be funny and when not so nice things happen it makes you realise a lot of things, bring focus to what you have and makes you look to the future with a little more focus.

On New Years Day we went for a woodland walk and got very very lost-long story short we had to get rescued by this random family and the very next day with a clean slate I found his quote. It made me laugh but it did resonate somewhat. 


This year we have written down our goals, they are private goals for now but hopefully I will be able to share them as we go through the year. Some are big and some very small, like simple weekly evening walks…


I have high hopes for 2016 and I hope for everyone I know and love it is a lovely year too filled with happiness, love and good health.


Happy New Year!