Newborns-the things you forget! 


We are over 3 weeks into the world of newborns again and there are some things you so quickly forget.

Sleep: How much the sleep every day. Yes the nighttime waking is tiring but we are used to that with our toddler! 

Boobs: Max isn’t the best latcher onto my boob so this makes the memory I forgot of flashing your boobs in public even more prevelant! 

*milk drunk! 

Breathing: You can barely see them breathe so poking Max is a common activity.

Nappies: Sooo many nappies.. You forget but it’s constant… 💩

Out and About: It’s pretty easy when they are so small to get stuff done. Factoring in feeds and stairs of course you can pretty much go and do anything!

Staying Put: Handy when you put them somewhere they just stay there… very useful for toilet trips. 

Smell: You forget the smell but oh it’s just so lovely… 


Living up to it!


I was due to post this before Max was born and then he decided to arrive a week early.. More on that in a post on Wednesday when he will be one week old and what was meant to be his due date! The feature image is of my bump the night I went into labour-I had a sneaky suspicion it could be the last!

Anyway I think it’s funny and interesting being able to look back on musings before yet another life changing event. 

I am going to leave what I had written below but pick up at the end how perhaps, even though only a few short days have passed that with Max’s arrival I already have a slightly different perspective now! 


We live in a society with social media and increased access knowledge that parents/parenting skills are constantly put under scrutiny and comparison

As a parent you will be judged, there is no getting away from that and as a first time mum you kind of just have to take it on and brush it off as you so wish

Ahead of having my second I am about enter another aspect of parenthood-being a mum of 2. It bring new joys and new challenges. I am one of the first of my peers to go on and have a second baby for now so hopefully I’ll have the ‘suss’ before they all follow suit, however right now that seems unlikely. 😕

I’ve done the newborn stuff, the working mama stuff, the staying at home stuff but recent weeks has been my biggest challenge with Josh’s sudden reaction to baby on the way, I’ll admit I haven’t coped very well. We have tried every route to no avail.  I try and generally be a positive person but this has broken me down. 

I hate moaning when I know how blessed I am… I also have lots of friends going through their own challenges to do with motherhood and other stuff. There are some first time mums adapting with sleepless nights along with complete life change and my own mum was a single parent to me and that is hard to compare to but heading into the world of number 2 seems quite daunting right now.

I want this to be a happy time and yes it’s exciting but it’s tinged with constant exhaustion and frustration like nothing like I’ve ever experienced. I am a social media sharer, like many others of today and try to show the balance of good and bad with my blog rather than the rose tinted view! We live in a world where we constantly question and scrutinise what we do/don’t do and this only adds to the pressure of life for some. 

We have had a bit of a road to get here and recent bumps have not been easy but as the saying goes.. this too shall pass! A new beginning is on the horizon, yes with further expected sleepless nights and endless feeding so I just hope I can live up to being a mum of 2! 


So here I am a mum of 2, 6 days in and we are doing ok, more than ok. Yes I am completely sleep deprived, have boobs like pumpkins with razor blades attached but it’s the most mesmerising and magical time. It’s almost like you appreciate it all the more and lap up every moment second time round. Josh has adjusted well, I think it was the uncertainty that was bothering him. He loves his ‘baby brudda’-keeps saying ‘hi mister’ and was only asking today when we are having another baby-jeesh Josh give us a chance 🙈

I’m quite sure there will be busy, tricky, exhausting and challenging days ahead but knowing and expecting that helps. Reading back on the above I’m hoping that I’m actually going to be ok at this mum of two gig. Being a mum weirdly makes me more relaxed and further let go of ‘the crap’ and that can only be a good thing. I’ve taken more time to rest, unplug and focus on our new little family and this has been very beneficial too. 

Onwards and upwards for this Felton family of 4.