Hormonal Hair 🙆🏻


I’m not a good hair person in general. I got swine flu several years ago, since then my hair goes haywire! It’s usually hormonal, time of the month or at the moment due to pregnancy. It gets this weird greasy film that not even a good wash can get rid of. 

I have been to hairdressers who have noticed and commented and also suggested remedies but to no avail. I need to change my shampoo regularly to any slight improvement. 

These are a mix of what I have been using lately.

Kerastase usually works well on my hair but despite the exfoliating beads it didn’t really do the job. 

Price approx: €20

Next up was Nioxin and the shampoo with the scalp treatment spray definitely showed a small initial improvement. 

Price: Shampoo apx €20 and Scalp Treatment €28

I was hopeful about Loreal’s new product as it sounded exactly what my hair needed and I have only used to the shampoo, I would like to try the mask but this wasn’t the cheap and cheerful alternative I was hoping for.. 

Price: I got this on special at €3 apx but usually retails at €6 apx

The hunt continues for healthy, happy hair!