Weeks 2-4-Reality Bites


So people had told us that the first 2 weeks were a ‘nightmare’ which I don’t like anyway as it truly is not a nightmare, it is challenging for sure but certainly not a nightmare. But that had now past and it’s was onwards and mostly upwards..

By this stage the reality of getting back to your new normality sets in, a partner potentially has gone back to work and the more helpful of the visitors have dwindled away.. It can be a daunting time so taking every day as it comes.

These weeks are about finding your new routine, getting to grips with feeding and enjoying the new person in your life.

So to feeding-
Painful, Not Easy but Rewarding!
I always said I’d give it a go and luckily baby boy took to it quite well and the nurses told me I had a great supply which didn’t feel so great when your breasts turn the size of watermelons about day 4 {or a little later if you’ve had a c section} when your milk comes in.
Then just as that passes the cracked nipples arrive, when baby boy sucks it’s toe curling so lots of nipple cream/compresses and persevere. Go to a class, get advise from mummy friends, try feeding in public and eventually I promise you will find your groove.
We decided to introduce a bottle just before 4 weeks along with a dodie/soother. Our baby took to both with not too much resistance because we introduced it early. We started with express bottles but at this stage my supply was still very strong and for fear of oversupply and possible mastitis we decided to introduce a night formula bottle. We chose aptimel as it’s one of the lighter milks and he was on the advent newborn bottle, we found the the teet on that a little slow {he is a guzzler} and it was taking my husband over an hour to do the last feed so changed it to 0-3 months medium flow which was in the pack we bought pretty fast. Another point is get your partner to do this feed if possible, and GO TO BED! However when they get their first weight check and you hopefully see a weight gain, you feel so proud-you did that, yes you and you should give yourself and big pat on the back-I went and got my nails painted as a treat.😉💅

Just when it sometimes feels like its relentless and you wonder in moments of shame when is anyone coming to collect this space invader that has suddenly arrived in your life, time passes and things do start falling into place!

•Have meals in the freezer for this time, buy them, make them but it makes life much easier.
•Have easy snacks to hand as you could forget to eat and you need to.
Join a breastfeeding or mum group, it really helps to chat to others.
•Meet friends for coffee but don’t over do it.
•Be kind to yourself.