New Year Old Me with a few tweaks…  


We are just shy of 2 weeks into 2018 and so far so good in that I am managing to keep upright, implement a few small changes and my children are still alive and happy.

Like every change of year nothing drastic has changed just as you wouldn’t expect it too and I had posted recently about just being happy with my lot so that is what I am focusing on day to day.

There is a lot of buzz about self care and mindfulness etc but to be honest that can put you under another pressure if you feel like you are not managing to achieve that or what is even may look like on a day to day basis. We all know we need good sleep, good food, warmth and love to survive but in our ever increasing hectic lives (with children or without) just being still is what we are probably all lacking a bit. I am taking baby steps in ‘self care’, the latter end of 2017 was incredibly busy and I have come out the year feeling slightly withered.

So for 2018 I made simple goals and here are some of a medium sized list-

  1. No phone to bed
  2. Read more
  3. Get into a series
  4. Drink more water
  5. More family walks
  6. Mediate daily

So far I have done 5 out of 6 so that aint bad with the rest of the list to keep working through but being mindful that doing nothing and standing still, just being fine with right now is good too. That can be harder I find as a parent, you are always awaiting the next milestone, craving more sleep and phases to pass but time shoots by so fast so its embracing the little moments and building the bigger ones from those which is what is important to me right now.