Toddler Activity: Ladybird Pots


These cute little pots popped up on the ads in Nikelodeon recently and Josh asked ‘can we make mummy’ so I felt obliged to tackle this project head on.

I sat ‘project’ this one looked pretty simple which is good as I certainly don’t have a natural crafty streak!

Here’s what you need:

Small terracotta pots

Red and black paint with brushes

Sticky eyes and glue

Something for the ears-we used pipe cleaners which worked well and sellotape. 

See the video here and how we got on below.

Ready to go! 


Nearly there!

Josh really enjoyed it, he complied on the bits it was best for me to do and it was quick, easy and had a great result-the kind of crafting I love! Now we will plant them and give ga ga one and place one as pride of place in the kitchen!