Picture Perfect


We now live in a world where most share their lives either a little or a lot through all or some of the social media channels. I’m definitely the latter. I’m not going to make the excuse it’s because of the blog, a little of it definitely is and some of it is conscious sharing of things that relate to the blog but mostly it is because I’m just an oversharer.

With that brings a snapshot of your life, a daily snippet of what has been going on in your world. I generally tend to choose to share positive aspects but in no way does that mean behind the scenes things are ‘picture perfect’. 

Life is busy, tiring and at times pretty stressful but by sharing the snippets of joy I find, if I’ve had a tricky week it’s good to look back and remember the joyful moments too. I hope that my blog is balanced and honest but I also believe that a positive parenting outlook makes things ‘seem’ a little easier, some days.

The reality behind the pictures is our toddler is still a regular night waker, our 10 month old the same, just a little more regular. We juggle work, childcare and life like everyone else. Some days it all feels too much, other days it feels manageable… We do it all with little family support, our unit is small and we are thankful for what we do have but our only grandparent works full time so when extra hands are needed for sickness or other eventualities it’s not always there. We muddle on, we are in the trenches much like every other parent out there. 

The rose tinted glasses fall off with a persistent regularity but then when they are in bed, the house is actually clean, you have a cuppa {or wine} in hand.. the next day seems doable… I look back on my snapshot of the day and feel so thankful, so lucky and I stumble into bed and do it all again.