Feeding Tops & Tips


I feed Max myself and at 6 months there are no signs of him stopping. Breastfeeding has worked for me and I am thankful for that. However your choice of attire changes somewhat when you have to have quick access to the boob 24/7.

It’s not so bad at the beginning, when losing the baby weight and tops are big but as the months roll on and you want to get your style back it can be tricky to find nice pieces to fit into your wardrobe and not make you look to ‘mumsy’. 

3 bits of essential kit I’d suggest before hunting for tops that work are:

1. Really good feeding bras-get measured and buy well!

2. Clip down vests-really handy for going under things, I get mine in H&M

3. Breast pads-if needed, those tops won’t be as lovely if you have leaked all over them! 
So here is some of what I picked up in recent weeks… It is to give you some ideas.

 I did the bulk of my purchases in Zara but find H&M, Pull & Bear and of course Penny’s good too. It means you don’t spend too much but get to freshen up your wardrobe too for this feeing period in your life. 
I have also included some other pics of bits I’ve seen in the shops and some current stock for handy tops that are in store now so if you are at the start of your journey or in the middle I hope some of these ideas inspire and happy shopping! * all tops below were under 20 euro. 

My Style:

Spotted Out & About…

Some current stock-in Zara!


Kids Christmas Pressies 🎁


We did our kids Christmas haul back in mid November when Smyths were offering some deals.
I found it trickier than I thought buying pressies for different age groups but now I’m nearly at the end of my list I have chosen a few of my fav gifts for kids.

Colouring Books

Wooden Toys


Themed gifts 

All these were purchased between Smyths, Pennys & local bookshops and all cost under 10 euro!
For Josh this year, we have one set of presents from us and another from Santa-Thomas and Paw Patrol bits and then a stocking from Santa too. It is sooo hard not to spoil him. Nothing we got him is huge but there is a LOT of stuff! I’ll show you some of the gifts for him closer to Christmas…

For now it’s time to get wrapping-not my favourite job! 

Penny’s Autumn Mini Haul


I ran into Penny’s a week or so ago as I often do when up in Dundrum to check out what’s on offer-I was in to get something in the home wear section but en route I spotted some new season boyswear. I couldn’t resist. Josh’s clothes stash has started to deplete, gifts and hand me downs have run dry so it’s time to top up!

I find penny’s great for good value basics-super for crèche. I picked up these few tops and came away with change from 20 euro now you can’t really beat that! 


Red Hoody: 7 euro

Green Stripe Top: 4 euro

Blue/Grey Truck Tops: 2 euro each