7 months


This month has been a big month for development. His eating has really come on and he now has 3 meals a day, a small snack and porridge in the evening. I know-a beast! His portion size has also increased significantly, on each meal he is taking a 5oz savoury and 3oz fruit or yoghurt with water and maybe some finger foods too! I’ll pop a typical daily menu below.

With all this food brings some stinkers of poops, ranging from 3-6 a day! His little face trying to push them out and you open his nappy expecting a poo bomb to find a smallish perfectly formed solid!

He also started sitting up which has been great and he’s loving his little bit of independence-we are creeping slowly towards baby on the move-eek! An exciting and terrifying phase all in one.

This month we also had big problems with his sleep, it started with adjusting back after the holiday, then the warm weather and then foolishly we listened to others and took him off his ‘dream feed’-big mistake! That 10 days combined with the increased temperatures & light this household got very sporadic sleep, even his naps went by the wayside. I have to say I found this period a bit of a tough but like everything, it passed-well we put him back on the ‘dream feed’ and all is good again in the world! Ha! He has never been a fabulous sleeper but goes down, now with a bottle at 7.15 and sleeps until 12 when he gets another bottle then sleeps until about 6. In next months post I will outline his routine once we have settled back into this original routine.

This month also saw his 7 month check. I was no where near as worried as the 3 month check as I knew he was going from strength to strength! Again it was pretty quick but he hit all the bench marks and weighed in at 21lb and 71cm. She did mention technically he should be sleeping 7-7 but that his routine was pretty good. I just think sleep is his achilles heel but we will keeping hoping and working on it.

Eating is most certainly not a problem for Josh so here is a sample of his daily menu:

{Brekkie}: Porridge-Ready Brek with a fruit purée
{Morning Snack}: Organix Rice cakes/Veg bites or a slice of toast or some fruit
{Lunch}: Mixed Veg or Chicken/Fish & Yoghurt
{Dinner}: Finger foods: Sweet potato with cinnamon/nutmeg, homemade veg muffins, roasted red pepper & Chicken/Meat/Fish mixed with veg & fruit purée
{Evening Snack}: Porridge with banana

*with this he gets about 4-5 milk feeds, combo of breast and bottle

We are having such a lovely summer together but time is just going so fast you sometimes want to press that pause button and then on the harder days not wish the hours away because time and moments are not ones you can get back!