The 2 month mark..Sickness and Sleep!


2 months-2 months. Where did the time go? Suddenly you look at your little bundle and the newborn baby you have been cherishing for the last 8 weeks or so is now a real little baby! A baby for whom my love grew rapidly for at this stage, maybe it was the more consistent two way interaction or just that he was now part of my daily life, my best accessory, like the greatest handbag ever bought but the love that flooded in daily was intense and wonderful all in one. With this growing love also comes growing worries I found, the protective instinct is heightened and an occasional irrational fear kicks in.

Unfortunately our household was gripped with colds/flu and perhaps with this brought a touch of the irrational too. Inevitably on my 3rd week of having the virus, Joshua’s sniffles began.. then a cough so off to the doc it was! Whilst we knew there was probably not a lot that could be done, the first cold brings worries that clearly can only be resolved 90 euro later-eek! Anyway we came out more assured and spent another 40 on a decent thermometer to be sure to be sure-double eek!
Being sick with a baby, breastfeeding, not being able to take more that the odd paracetamol and honey/lemon combo is no fun and it was probably my lowest point in the journey so far.

Once the sickness had passed we started to implement ‘routine’ Our wonderful boy was not so wonderfully sleeping through the night at 10-12 weeks when it seemed like all the babies in all the land were. We had been giving him a last feed bottle of formula at 11pm for a number of weeks but he was still waking at 3 and 6am. We sometimes could stretch this for another half hour with the dodie {soother} but we started to know the hunger sounds and baby boy was wanting food so food he got! However up to the last feed could sometimes be erratic, there is no doubt towards the end of this month a growth spurt arrived and with it lots and lots of feeds but I did also feel that perhaps it was our lack of consistency that was playing its part. Our plan was to get him changed, bathed if it was bath night and booby fed with a story by 8.30, down for 9 and sleep until the last feed. This all sounded great in theory, we are still working on this.. Eventually it will mean early to bed for mummy, time for mummy & daddy to snuggle and watch some mindless tv or even a glass of vino in hand come the weekend as feeding duty by booby will be, again in theory finished until about 5am?? Hmm.. I’ll update you on this one.
See below the lengths we went to those first few nights of getting the little guy to settle.. {Daddy aka Ian lying in a darkened nursery stroking Joshua’s head with one hand keeping his dodie in his mouth with the other willing him to close those eyes and most importantly keep them closed!}

Towards the end of this stage it as you will see it was time to soft launch this blog. I wrote historically about my experiences from birth and may well re visit some of the topics I have touched on but I thought it was important to give an overview of our journey up to now and now mummymomentsdublin journey begins with Josh by my side.