Getting my body back..


I am missing scones, I am not going to lie but as I approached 3 months of Max I was still wearing one or two pairs of my maternity jeans and I felt sluggish. 

When I had Josh, pre Christmas as well with a just over 3 stone weight gain the weight came off relatively easily. I was always about half a stone over my pre baby weight but that didn’t bother me one bit. Then my second pregnancy brought its own problems and wasn’t as easy as my first. I was much more sedentary and gained the 3 stone again, if not a little more. 

Once having Max and the first little while had passed, I observed the weight etc was not coming down as quick as it had first time round. I had anticipated this somewhat but coming into January carrying over 2 stone more than I was meant to was getting me down. I took action. 

I have started slimming world and a number of classes too. I am not pushing it but chipping away and it’s making a difference to how I look and most importantly how I feel.

People comment that I am mad but it’s important to me to get my body back strong and feel well, energised and happy so these are the actions I am taking.  I have a little summary of some of the classes I am doing below along with how slimming world is working for me.

Slimming World

A lot of people will know if slimming world and perhaps how it works but for those who don’t it’s basically a plan that allows you to eat as much as you want of the ‘good stuff’ keeping in mind to always have 1/3 of your plate as ‘speed’ which is extra veg and then you also get an allowance of ‘syns’ per day for the naughty stuff. I find it easy to follow and with a stone down in 2 months it’s working for me. Check out more here. I go to the Stillorgan Class and find Michele really great and supportive and along with the handy app it’s an easy fit into my day to day life. 

Oslo Mummy and Me Class

I can’t say enough about this class. It’s a Pilates class run by Pamela Renwick who has 4 girls herself so knows a thing or two about post partum bodies. She works you hard but with the beautiful surrounds and little touches involved in an Oslo class it feels like a real treat too. Paula is brilliant with the babies too if they get bored of watching you get hot and sweaty, she’s happy to have a cuddle while you work off your mum bum! Check out this class and more here

Mummy Buggy Class

Near where my son goes to Montessori there is a class each Monday morning which allows you bring your buggy to a weights/circuits style class. It’s based in the fabulous facility of the DLR Balloygan Gym and is a cheap and convienient way for me to pass an hour before I collect Josh again. 

Lean in 15-Joe Wicks DVD

I started this only recently and will aim to do it a couple of times a week. The first one, on level 1 was great. It’s quick, you do it in your living room with minimum fuss so a really handy one post baby. The level 1 pace builds a sweat and Mr Lean in 15 keeps you going throughout… I thought his voice might annoy me but it actually didn’t so will definitely now include this into my weekly routine.

I have also done some classes with Max but will include those in a separate post as they are a little less about moving and more about one on one time and tea/bikkies and chats after class! 


Slimming World Here I Come 


So I started slimming world 2 weeks ago, you might have seen me allude to it on some of my social media platforms. I started the week after I got back from Italy, feeling hefty and determined. I have mentioned in previous posts that the pounds had crept on since being back to the 9-5 and it was making me feel pretty crappy about myself, I’d worked so hard to get them off. 

I had tried doing it on my own but like anything I generally succeed at, being accountable works better for me so I decided to take the plunge. I settled on the Slimming World route as I had done Weight Watchers before and think I knew the method too well and thought a fresh approach would be better.

I went to my first class intrigued and ready to learn. The method sounded good, focusing on balanced nutritious meal along with a fibre & dairy healthy extra and of course your ‘syns’. I cleared out some remaining naughty bits from the cuboards and re stocked the good stuff. 

The first week I just found it tricky on what to snack on and changing my mind set and habits but stuck to plan. I wasn’t able to exercise much due to being sick and need to find out more how that fits into the whole concept as I move forward. Anyway, week 1 and I was down 4lb-thrilled! I came away with focus and real determination. I had needed to de bloat and detox the body somewhat and it had worked! 

Moving into week 2 I was getting a better gauge of the way it worked but probably was snacking more, still a little unsure on the best options. I had a personal 2lb target heading into week 2 so I was nervous stepping on the scales. I lost 2.5 tonight so I was thrilled. 

The regular leader was back so I had a good chat with her about snacks, eating out and exercise. Roll on week 3 and minus more lbs! Heading towards the half stone gone.. Back on the bus as they say.