Parenting through Food


I read a recent quote from a nutritionist I much admire, Orla Walsh about how we tend to reward children with food these days and I have to say I winced, I am completely guilty of that at time or using it as a keeping them entertained too. Hashtag-bad mama Hashtag-tell me a person who doesn’t from time to time. BUT based on my last post and small goals-the boys eating better is on the longer list but very important for many a reason. Max eats pretty ok but I am convinced since his first taste of sugar on his first birthday his palate has altered and I am no sugar nazi but his reach for the bold things and his refusal for items he would have eaten with glee has wained. Josh is a really poor eater, oh how I would love for him to dip some houmous, eat parma ham, veggie based muffins but nope fish fingers are his gig. I really try to stick to 3 good meals a day and breakfast usually starts well but depending on the day lunch can be affected and dinner is usually something they will eat and I feel I can pass as nutritious. More time dedicated to meal times I think is important. We don’t eat with the boys but focusing on the time they do making it an event as opposed to a passing activity is something I really want to focus on.

You will see recent and upcoming posts about snacks and a new range of chilled food in Aldi and to me to highlight this was a no brainer and I already almost always have a pack of rice cakes, their biscotti and a fruit pouch or two in my bag as a quick go to for snacks on the run. I am a big fan of their Mamia range of chilled food produced by Pip & Pear so I am looking forward to trying the new Goodness range. I try and get the boys eating what we eat but it is handy to have good prepared dishes in the fridge for a busy weekend day and when Josh is insisting that pasta or fish fingers are the only thing he will eat and I don’t have the battle quite in me! Some days it’s about the easy left eh and knowing they are not eating rubbish helps too…

An update since I wrote this post later last week is Josh’s visit to the dentist, we’ve had some very unfortunate and worrying news about his teeth but that’s a whole other post and a whole new outlook and learning…


10 silly things that make you happy when you are mama… 


1. Getting to eat cereal/snack and especially chocolate all to yourself, without ‘want some’ coming at you! 🍫

2. Food shopping, this solo is practically as enjoyable as the olden days of clothes shopping-I said practically! 🛍

 3. Toilet on your own but rarely happens. 🚽

4. Afternoon naps, rare but fabulous.. 💤

5. Going for a walk faster than snails pace but the scooter does help with this. 🚶🏼

6. Watching your baby/toddler sleep-soundly. 😇

7. Getting to watch weekend tv that doesn’t involve peppa, Thomas or Postman Pat. 📺

8. A full hot cup of tea, those early days are the worst for this. ☕️

9. Finding that lost toy you you’ve been looking for for days! 😀

10. Sense of achievement when you complete what looked like a tricky jigsaw even if it was for a 2+ year old! 🙈