6 months-The world of weaning…


Josh has just turned 7 months so I’m looking back on the 6 month mark, it is a month I look on very fondly. It seems each month just whizzes by quicker than the last!

He turned 6 months the day after his christening which was a wonderful weekend that I posted about a few weeks ago. This month was all about getting him well into weaning and I have to say he has really taken to his food very well-a little foodie like his mama.

We started Josh on solids at 19 weeks, baby rice and puréed fruit and veg where his main staple but this month we did big batches of chicken, fish and beef combos. It took him a while to really enjoy the chicken, I think it was the texture but he now gobbles it up no problem. We also introduced yoghurts-I find the glenisk ones great and finally bread which he adores!!!

Yoghurt also took him a while to get used to for some reason but the bread went down a treat, taking little pieces at first and now he holds a chunk of toast in his hand most mornings and munches away..The clevafeed is also a great contraption for sticking some fruit like melon or strawberries into so they can suck on that too. Next up is the sippy cup so I’ll let you know how that goes!

This month we’ve also had the top tooth trying to cut through, the bud appearing and disappearing and making Josh a little grumbly at times so during these periods I alternate with teetha, calpol and nurofen to get him through. He drools a lot more during these times and with the recent temperature increase he can develop a little chin heat rash so I put some Vaseline on it as a barrier at night and that seems to soothe it.

He is just the best craic and a great little chum to hang out with every day. I made the hard decision this month to wind up my event business for the foreseeable to spend some extended time with the little man and I know it won’t be a decision I’ll regret! Even when he’s a little grumpy he smiles and can give you a giggle-that alone makes everything worth it.

I know the next 6 are going to fly by so we are going to enjoy the summer and continue to make some special memories together.