5 Handy Holiday Essentials for Toddlers 


We are nearly all set for our holybops.. Excitement is building and the bags are nearly packed. 

This year seems a lot easier than the last two with Josh. He is getting older so you need a little less and can manage with stuff over there a little more. However we have brought some essentials we hope to help the travel and whole holiday a little more smoothly. Here is our top 5:
1. Sticker book: Great for the plane or getting an extra 10 minutes at lunch! 

2. Snacks: We will stock up when we are there too but always handy to have a few of the old reliables to hand…

3. Puddle Jumper: A friend of mine recommend this and I think it will be our saving grace by the pool. 

4. Nemo Earphones: I picked these up in Aldi a few weeks ago and thought they would be handy for the iPad on the plane or if we are trying to get a little more time out of him at dinner. 

5. Familiar items: We have bought a few new bits but I have packed some of his bedtime routine items to help with the change of sceneand  routine over there.