Pregnancy Yoga


Last Tuesday I started pregnancy yoga with Harmony Yoga Ireland. I did get a deal through living social but it had been something I’d been looking to do.

I have definitely been more achy this pregnancy, particularly around my back. {and moany with it} It is probably a lot to do with lifting Josh but at times that is pretty unavoidable. 

What has helped in recent weeks is our new giant bed and the additional V pillow.. Heat patches can be a blessing too. 

But back to the yoga. The class is 1.5 hours long and gentle but with really good stretching which is just what I need. It follows the usual format of you saying your name, week or pregnancy and how you are feeling-tiredness was a common theme. 

*none of these are me 😉

It feels even more needed for a second baby as you really don’t have the time to focus on you/baby so it’s welcome time and over the next five weeks I hope it becomes even more beneficial too.

Check out all about these classes and others here: