T is for Treats & Tantrums


T is also for toddler and I know that tantrums come with the territory… However with the arrival of a new baby into the house too we are currently trying to distinguish the norm versus the extra ones thrown in for good measure with the recent changes.

I’ve said in recent posts how great Josh has been directly with Max but coming up to his arrival and since the tantrum level has really taken hold. It was something we didn’t really experience up until then so we got a good run, I know!

With the tantrums are also coming a lot of treats and the two don’t marry well. If he’s having tantrums he shouldn’t really be getting treats but again with the new arrival there have been pressies for Josh too and then with his birthday in the middle it has felt like a never ending party and now we have Christmas around the corner too. 

What he constitutes as ‘treats’ has also got up a notch. A fruit pouch or juicy orange used to suffice where now on occasion a biscuit is rejected for not being ‘treaty’ enough!!!!

Of course we are trying to handle these demands and these tantrums like grown adults and put into practice our good parenting skills but to be honest with sleep deprivation and our lives having gotten so much busier we can let things slip and give in more often than not. {most of the sleep deprivation is still coming from the toddler by the way but that is for another post}. 

Josh is a smart little guy, too smart at times and most definitely plays to our weaknesses both with tantrums and treats. It’s a vicious cycle. We’ve given him a bit of slack but his time is running out so hard ball is just around the corner… I’m not sure how that’s going to go and we may just fold at the first hurdle but I’m hoping we don’t because it’s time to get some balance back even if that is a little less as a family of four!

To be continued.. 😉