The T Word


I started writing this post just after Christmas so it was pre the back to work madness and just as the air of sickness was starting to do the rounds in our house and I was ‘can’t keep my eyes open’ tired. It had got me thinking about that big word-tiredness. Obviously the adjustment period of the return to work has magnified this more but in a general sense unfortunately tiredness seems to always loom.

It seems to be common place, part and parcel even with motherhood and by far I find this the toughest part of motherhood. I love my little boy so much I could explode but some days I feel so tired I wonder how I’m going to get to the next and it annoys me. I love my life, my little family and all that it brings and granted the last few weeks have been testing but all in all things are very good but my god that tiredness can knock you sideways when it wants to. It can engulf your day, special moments with Josh when you want to be fully engaged but all you can think about is the next opportunity to sleep.

We are 6 weeks into the new year and the sickness trend has not quite disappeared yet and despite Josh now being over 15 months it would seem that long term solid sleep is a thing of the past so this ‘t word’ is here to stay.

It’s definitely true that your body just adjusts, you can mostly function on a day to day basis but it’s those nearest to you who tend to get the brunt of the deprivation. The eye bags are a permanent fixture too however these are just moments in time and small sacrifices in the grand scheme of life with Josh which is all round pretty wonderful.