Weekly Activities Take 2


We started Josh with football, rugby and swimming just after he was 2. He enjoyed them but his concentration was a bit erratic and he needed to warm up a bit for some of the activities. He found them fun them for sure and we liked getting out at the weekends with him to start off the day with an activity but looking back now I’m not sure he was fully ready for them. 

We signed back up recently to both football and swimming and I noticed a considerable increase in interest and engagement with both activities as well as ability.

Football is something for fun, it does teach them structure etc but he learns that in school and again he enjoyed it, was much more able for the tasks given but I think a 6 week stretch is probably enough for this before you change it up. I’d definitely go back at some point but it’s also nice to try other things.

Swimming on the other hand I feel is one of life’s skills. This time he was a lot more into it and followed instruction much better. Subtly this class teaches them safety in the water which is why we signed him up pre holiday the first time. This course however gave him more skill in the water and you can now see him taking steps towards solo swimming. At the moment Ian gets in with him but on the next course, which we hope to do Josh will be getting in wort arm bands and we will be his sideline cheerleaders! 

I’d like to go back to Rugby Tots now and give that a try, maybe look at music or even drama when he’s a little older. If the opportunity is there I think it’s great to try it all and see what emerges as their favourite. My only bit of advise is probably wait until closer to 3 to start as both you and they will get more out of it! 


Easter Week 


As our Easter break comes to an end today, all returning to work tomorrow I thought I’d write a quick post on some of the activites we said we were going to do and how they fared. 

This year chocfest was pretty unavoidable but we limited it where we could as it evidently turned our child into a demented being!


All the activities we attended were great from Peter Rabbit story telling, Cadbury Easter Hunt and The Mad Hatter Tea Party which was cut short by a rain storm. The Cadbury’s hunt definitely upped their game from last year and it’s a real winner for kids of all ages but there sure ain’t any avoiding the chocolate there! 

Josh’s Creche embraced Easter too so lots of fun was had with his teachers and pals up there, we are very lucky with the Creche we chose and are so thankful he is so happy there.


We baked too which is something Josh just loves to help with for family on Sunday.


Sunday started with a basket from the Easter Bunny, alternative chocolate gifts included: A sticker book of a film we went to see on Monday, a Spot Easter book, new Playdoh, a small egg and a Peter Rabbit DVD!


We had a hunt in the garden, again, alternating chocolate eggs with plastic ones for Josh and his cousin to collect. 


I love every celebration but it seems Easter is getting bigger and bigger and I’m never adverse to hopping on a bandwagon so long may it continue.. Now what to do with all this chocolate so we can get our normal toddler back!!!

The last activity we did was a child free zone, we went on a day date. I love day dates, out early, home early {god I’m getting old}. Anyway it started with a bit of holiday shopping followed by a trip to The Guinness Storehouse. Neither of us had been and whilst the tickets are not cheap to be a tourist for a day it is well worth it. The building itself is impressive and the whole experience is well organised. It starts with an introduction and you are then left to your own devises. The Guinness Academy was a highlight for Ian and The Gravity Bar for me. Bring a non Guinness drinker Ian could avail of my ticket and experience both as part of the ticket charge. If you want to do both on one ticket you would pay an extra 5 euro. A really good day trip and for any overseas friends or family it would be a must! 


We also treated ourselves to the pre theatre in Chapter One and it’s one restaurant that never fails to impress. The service, the food and the room itself are all top of their game. It might be a bit out of the way for some but well worth the trip. 

A lovely Easter overall now roll on Springtime, it’s been nice to see a glimpse of you! 

Paddys and Easter Activities ☘🐣


With mid term for some just around the corner and Paddy’s Day upon us I have brought together some activities that have caught my eye coming up over the next few weeks…

Paddy’s Day

We are meeting friends down in Greystones for a smaller family focused parade but there is lots on across the city with the main event in the city centre kicking off at 12 noon. 

In Blackrock there is a fun even my happening with details below.


If you fancy tying in a bit of shopping, Dundrum have some nice kids event on throughout the day.

14:00-17:00: Make & Do, Help the Leprechaun Reach his Pot of Gold!

14:00-17:00: Face Painting, Shamrocks, Rainbows and Celtic Designs!

14:15-15:00 Interactive Story Telling with Abracadabra! #1

15:30-16:15 Interactive Story Telling with Abracadabra! #2
If you are going to stay in for the day these crafts could be some fun.

Photos thanks to Pinterest 


Easter Activities 🐣

A few fun ideas below, some of which are on our list.

To be fair Dundrum has come up with a really nice schedule of events over the Easter break, here is an example.


14:00-17:00 Photo Op, Easter Themed Peep-Through Photo Op for Shoppers

14:00-17:00 – Face Painting, Bunnies, Eggs and Chicks!

14:00-17:00 Make and Do

Easter Crafts for Kids!

14:30-15:15 Junior Einstein’s Interactive Science Show #1

15:45-16:30 Junior Einstein’s Interactive Science Show #2
Next up and one we are attending is Cadbury’s Easter Hunt for Banardos. All proceeds go to this worthy charity and for 20 euro for a family of 4 I think it’s a pretty good deal. We went last year and Josh was probably a bit young but this year we are going with friends and I’m sure lots of fun will be had!


Another fun event happening on Easter Sunday which is conveniently near to us and free too is The Mad Hatter Tea Party in Deerpark. 


Here we are last year:


Airfield always come up trumps and there are a few activites we have pencilled on the list-the Peter Rabbit storytelling sounds super cute.

Finally if the weather is bad there is always the library to pick up some Easter books, some Easter baking and themed DVDs at home. 

Easter egg painting would be fun, we picked up ours at Dealz but you could do it yourself. 


Another recent addition to our activity list was the cinema and with King Fu Panda and Zootopia/Zootropolis both look fun!

So whatever you do hopefully that has given you a few ideas and you have a lovely family filled Easter break! 

Little Kickers ⚽️


Yesterday Josh started Little Kickers. It was Ian’s dream to bring his little boy to football and his dream came true. 


You can only start Little Kickers in our local class when you are 2 so we signed straight up.

I wasn’t sure how Josh would take to it as sometimes he can be clingy at these playgroup type things. I left him and dad to it and he got on great. 

It starts with a warm up and then into ‘drills’ focusing on colours and interaction. There is then goal scoring at the end and a sharing game so a perfect balance for 45 minutes of fun! The leaders are lovely and enthusiastic and keep it all ticking along at a good pace. 

A lovely weekend activity that we will look forward to every week.. The new Little Kickers strip was worn proudly for the rest of the day!


Check out more details here: Little Kickers Info