Toddler Activity: Ladybird Pots


These cute little pots popped up on the ads in Nikelodeon recently and Josh asked ‘can we make mummy’ so I felt obliged to tackle this project head on.

I sat ‘project’ this one looked pretty simple which is good as I certainly don’t have a natural crafty streak!

Here’s what you need:

Small terracotta pots

Red and black paint with brushes

Sticky eyes and glue

Something for the ears-we used pipe cleaners which worked well and sellotape. 

See the video here and how we got on below.

Ready to go! 


Nearly there!

Josh really enjoyed it, he complied on the bits it was best for me to do and it was quick, easy and had a great result-the kind of crafting I love! Now we will plant them and give ga ga one and place one as pride of place in the kitchen! 


1st Cinema Trip


A couple of weeks ago I decided to try Josh out in the cinema, he had been to a couple of ‘show’ type things and he loves a cartoon so I thought it might be something he would enjoy.

I was just back from a weekend away so it was a mama/Josh treat. We went to see Alvin and the Chipmunks, a cartoon he was already familiar with. I bought him a small chocolate bar as a treat and in we went. We were a few minutes early and also the only people there!

He loved the experience, on his little booster seat. The vast screen, the lights and excitement of it all and of course the chocolate 😉. I got myself a cuppa and sat back and relaxed. 

He just loved it and was really patient, right up to the last 10 minutes when he wanted to get off the chair but I reckon if we had not been early he would have lasted the whole show.

Next up is Kung Fu Panda 3 and for us it certainly is another activity to add to the list for a rainy day treat!

Some tips would be:

Arrive bang on time.

Bring snacks. 

Do a nappy/toilet visit before the film.

Get yourself and cuppa and a treat too. 

Valentines Ideas for Kids 



With Valentine’s Day tomorrow it was only right that this post be all about LOVE ❤️. 

Valentine’s Day is traditionally about expressing your love to your partner {this is in the plans too} but today I am going to express my love for my boy, as if you might not have guessed already!

 There really is no other love like the love you have for your child and subsequently the family you have created. In the ‘movies’ you are shown this rush of instant love and I think that can put a lot of pressure on first time mums. For me, of course I instantly loved him but not in that huge gushy rushy way. My love grew for him steadily and as we got to know each other over the following months and now hitting 28 months the love grew, I can safely say that it is still building and just when I think I can’t love any more I do. Does he test my patience, yes, does he tire me out, yes but he and our family unit gives me joy like no other. I do tell him I love him a lot, some believe you don’t need to say it to feel it and this is very true but it is almost a sign off now, just like a bye-bye or night-night and that works for us and let’s face it when he says it back it is just the best feeling in the world.

 I like to mark occasions as you might have guessed and adapt them to Josh’s age and engagement levels so here are a few ideas which include some of what we will be doing this weekend:

Go and visit ‘St Valentine’ in Whitefriar St Church
Bake some heart shaped cookies and let them cut out/decorate as they wish or choose to keep them simple. 


Make cards or do coluring with one of my favourite go to tools:
Valentine’s Activities
And if you have it read this special book, just to remind them once more just how much you love them.


Mummy Monday’s 


I have been quiet these last week or so due a hectic but fun filled birthday week. This week was a bog standard Monday due to weather and exhaustion but as a rule I do try and find a weekly activity for us to enjoy. 

I often get asked where I find the activities myself and Josh get up to on my Monday’s off.. Straight up it is probably my social media addiction. 😏

Some recent places we have been and loved are below and a few things we want to do too which I may have mentioned before. They are all not just on a Monday but it might give you a few ideas to fill the weekend with fun family things to do!

Generally on a Monday, I like to head off with him about 9.30/10 incorporate some chores with an activity and then he will crash out for his daily nap en route home which will give me time for a cuppa and to get the dinner on which leaves me free for some jigsaw making/painting etc in the afternoon. A day well spent with the boy wonder! 

Here are some of the activities: 

Trojan Gym-this gym turns into soft play every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9.30-12. 

It’s 5 euro per child and they serve tea/coffee and fresh fruit from 10.30.

Giddy studios-we love this place and from 5 euros for a tile you can have lots of fun. We hope to create something for Christmas in the coming weeks. 

Milltown playground-I spotted this playground on the Luas and not its a favourite spot and with the lovely Thru the Green nearby for a hot beverage and a treat it’s a perfect Sunday spot!

National Gallery Workshops-we love to go to these when we can and hope to sign up to a seasonal one before the year is out! There are events in both the national gallery and the maritime museum for Christmas and we have already booked into one through eventbrite.

Airfield-always a good option and just the feeding of the chickens/cow milking provides enough entertainment to then be able to sit with a cuppa in their lovely cafe and now have a quick wander around their Christmas shop 😊

DLR Lexicon-another great spot. They always have lots of kids activities on and a pier walk and ice cream as a treat afterwards on a nice day is a lovely thing to do!

Visit to Hamleys-sounds like a strange one but if I have to nip to Dundrum this is Josh’s ‘treat’. He is happy just to look at the toys for now and guides me towards a Santa list too so it’s a double bonus. 

Play cafes/groups-some play cafes we really like are meerkats, fraggles, Merrion play group on a Tuesday/Wednesday 10.30-12pm and Starbucks kids events on a Tuesday 11-1pm if I happen to be off and have to run a few errands this is a handy thing to do!