Lambert Puppet Theatre 


I remembered this quirky place from my school days so booked it this year as a new Christmas tradition, that many seem to do! I hoped Josh would be an OK age and that we would all enjoy it. I wasn’t disappointed.

Not much has changed from what I can remember, it’s still down a small lane just on a side road in Monkstown. The interior is simple but with easy admittance and even snacks to purchase we were happy. We arrived about 15 minutes before the show and ended up quite far at the back, it didn’t really matter as the stage is raised but probably a little before would be good.

The show starts with an introduction from ‘birdie’ Josh loved it and this set the tone for the next 90 minutes, with a short interval. 

We went to see Aladdin and whilst parts of it were ‘scary’ once we chatted to Josh all about it throughout he was happy. 

It was only at the end when Aladdin was no more that he got cranky-‘more ladan, more ladan’ he screamed as we picked him up and scurried out.

Well worth a trip, Josh is just over 2 and there were kids there up to a about 8 I’d say. Really reasonably priced so a lovely day out!

See upcoming shows here, Aladdin is running until the end of the month: