Second Pregnancy Realities 


This struggle is real… the realities of pregnancy number 2 has been quite a different experience for me. As the 40 weeks comes to a close here are some of the good,  the bad and the frankly funny which have come about…leaving out the boring/moany symptoms!

Food on bump: A meal or snack seldom passes without a baby wipe needed to take away the leftovers on the bump! 

Making it up the stairs: Somedays it has felt like Everest just getting to the top! 

Painting toes: I use the lack of being able to reach to go for regular pedis.. 

Wanting to eat more/all the time but not able to fit as much in: There is a stage of pregnancy where all you want to do is eat but towards the end it’s fitting it in that’s the problem! 

With this.. Feeling huge: I don’t think my bump is much bigger than with Josh but my body has definitely expanded and with aches and pains comes less exercise which is currently replaced by cake and that ain’t helping! 

Baby number 2 involves caring for a toddler too and this can bring its good and bad parts…

  • Belly becomes a ‘hill’ for racing cars which is definitely fun for someone. 
  • Belly also inhibits precious cuddle time, a real proper squeeze doesn’t become possible towards the end.
  • Hormones/tiredness makes nice mama into bold mama, apparently! 
  • Sharing the milestones and excitement with your first is very special. 
  • A still irregular sleeper in our almost 3 year old somewhat prepares us for the further sleep deprecation ahead. 
  • In and out of car seats, picking up toys etc is pretty back breaking as pregnancy progresses. 
  • The emotion of the shift in our family dynamic, from our precious first born to expanding our family can hit me when I least expect it and cue-all the tears! 

Would I change it, not for a second, are there hard days-yes and I’m sure some also lie ahead but how lucky am I and our family as we grow from 3 to 4! My first boy brings good and joy in every day and I’m excited for that to double in just a few weeks when his little brother arrives. 


Cupid Kid Cuts aka Lifesavers in Hairdressing! 


For about a year Josh has HATED getting his hair cut! His hair grows pretty fast and is fairly unruly and thick so this posed a bit of a problem. With many a time mission aborted or sometimes pinned down whilst stuffing chocolate buttons in his mouth to keep him calm-that’s what the call A1 parenting! We had one delightful time at Kiddie Cuts where we arrived early so there wouldn’t be too many people and when Josh started getting upset the woman said under her breath ‘just what I need first thing in the morning’! At 16 euros for that service we decided we needed to find another alternative. We had also tried a nice local barbers and she was patient but he always kicked off. Then we heard about Cupid Kids Cuts. 

There description goes like we were hopeful.

For some children,getting a hair cut is a relatively simple thing. But for others,it’s a very traumatic experience,and for some with special needs, and on the autism spectrum,this can be a major undertaking for both the children and their parents,Here at Cupid Kid Cuts we have a huge understanding of this,we have lots of toys,Teddy’s and other distractions like personal DVD players why not bring along their own favourite DVD which has proved in the past to have a calming effect on them,through research and experience,we recommend that you bring your child into the salon a couple of times before they actually get their hair cut ,let them say hi, have a play , get a little treat,get used to the surroundings of the salon,this is extremely beneficial in helping them feel a little more relaxed. Come along at anytime to say hi , we are also wheelchair accessible.

Ian brought Josh last weekend with not a lot of hope based on past experiences but held a little hope based on the above. It all turned out great, better than great..
Josh was made feel comfortable on arrival, given plenty of time to play with all the toys they have.

Then the lady gently introduced him to the chair asking what DVD he would like to watch. She promised him encouragingly a sticker and some jellies once she finished and he amazingly complied! I don’t think this was coincidence, it was her manner and approach with him that worked. He didn’t want to leave and even spoke about going back with Ian in the car on the way home! Result! 

See my husbands review and many more with further details on thier Facebook page: