Pregnancy Style


I am getting pretty big now.. People ask me when I’m due and recoil a little when I say I’ve still got 3 months left! 

I am noticing my expanding waste line a little more this time as I wear a uniform to work and that is somewhat more restrictive. I am of course bigger too being my second.
I found with Josh, it was a hot summer I pretty much kept to my normal clothes that were just stretchier along with a few pairs of maternity jeans. This time I am doing the same but whilst my hips widened last time both my hips and upper body are filling out this time.

You can see from the pictures from both my pregnancies that stretchy cotton has been my staple. I have seen a small improvement in the quality of offering for maternity clothes since the last time but not a huge amount. You really only wear the englarged pieces for about 3-4 months so whilst there is some merit in getting good quality if you go on to have more children, you do not want to spend too much. My jeans I am wearing from Josh are a bit too big and I think that is because I wore them until the end and the material loosened.

Anyway here is my run down of where to get some bits and bops and a list of staples and added extras that will see you through:

{Shop List}

New Look
Marks and Spencer
Cherish Me

{Staples List}

  • Non Wired Bras-get re fitted twice-get measured at about 4 months and 7 months and buy accordingly. These bras are not the most flattering so get a nice one or two along with basic ones for every day wear.
  • Bigger knickers-my midwife recently told me best to not have anything tight down there so I took her advice and went a size up
  • 2 pairs of maternity Jeans-dependant on season you are pregnant but I would say 2 at a minimum
  • Maternity Leggings-I got these for travelling and they are very comfy to throw on at the end of the day
  • Longer vests to go under regular tops and over bump-picking up a few light cotton vest in a range of colours are handy to have
  • 2 Dresses-1 casual, 1 dressier-really easy and handy to have when going out
  • Good trainers-I did wear heels on Josh but its flats all the way this time and investing in a good pair of trainers is a good move


{Extras List}

  •  Jewellery-jazzes up any outfit if you throw on a bit of bling.
  • Comfy nightwear-it’s as important to be comfy at night as during the day and you get much warmer at night
  • Kimonos/Cover Ups-a handy item to throw on over a vest for a dressier outfit
  • Hair/Nails-when you want a pick me up and feel like a whale these 2 luxuries most definitely make you feel better and there is always the excuse of not being able to touch your toes in the later months!


I don’t mind being pregnant and the expansion of my body too much, this time more expansive than the last. I lost it last time with the exception of a few pounds so hoping with a bit of focus this will happen again. For now I am going to enjoy the stretchy cotton and this baby boy expanding in my belly…