Viking Splash Tour 


A quick post this evening as you would have seen a few pics on social media last weekend of us on the Viking Splash Tour. For full disclosure we did get the tickets for free from a friend who works in media but to be honest we were going to be booking it for September anyway but this did save us 62 euro! (that’s 2 adults and 1 child) 

Yes it is pricey but it is great fun.. The day we were booked was a wash out but with rain pelting down we wrapped up and got picked up on St Stephens Green. No delays and we all got on the the bus/boat-seatbelts on and off we went. 

The tour takes in some of Dublin’s landmarks, all with Viking hats on our heads and a good dose of Irish humour which is really why makes it for adults. You don’t get a lot of Dublin in but you do get the highlights of the city centre and some interesting facts along the way.

Josh loved it, even despite being in prime splash spot on the outside of the vehicle so he could get a good view. Going into the water which is towards the end of the tour I don’t think he knew what was happening but he claimed that was his favourite part!

Yes it’s pricey, probably getting 2 adults and 2 kids in around 50 euro would be a bit more preferable and for tourists too but it doesn’t seem to be putting anyone off as you always see them spin around the city packed full. I can see why, you come away feeling like you’ve had a fun filled journey with a few sites under your belts too, enjoying your own city is really special too.

To get more info check them out here: