All by myself… 


You know you might get those fleeting moments that you think ‘what would life be like without the responsibility of being a mum, wife etc’ and then you click back into reality. Well several hours with only my own company and a quiet house re affirmed how much I love the choices and way my life has played out. Yes the ‘rat race’ can be hard and doing it single handedly last week made it seem ever more so but my goodness with a few tweaks over time I wouldn’t want it any other way.

The night before I left for New York, Josh stayed with his granny as I had a 4.45am start and Ian was already in America with work so I was left on my own for the final preparations. It’s not like I haven’t been by myself before but this felt different somehow. Perhaps it was the added anxiety of being away from Josh for the longest time in 2 years or the recent terrorist activity but it definitely made me uneasy. I woke the next day ready to travel and already, without the holiday felt ready for the future.

On the day of our return I turned 33, never a better way to start a fresh outlook than a birthday and New York as the ability to make you believe anything is possible so as we head towards 2016 I hope I can keep this affirmation with me, whatever life may bring. 

More on New York and some of our hot spots later this week..