Happy Hot Holiday No. 2


We were very lucky to be able to take a second family holiday this year. Certainly one of the bonuses of a two income family. 

We decided on Tuscany as we got married here 6 years ago and both so wanted to return with Josh. It felt very special bringing him back, something certainly ticked off my bucket list.

However as one of my friends wise mother told her-‘bringing children on holidays is utterly charming but not relaxing’ I’d tend to agree, Tuscany is a place of beauty but not very child friendly. 

Those first few days we all adjusted to the 40+ degree heat. Ian and I were bitten alive by mozzies, luckily they bypassed Josh. Josh also decided that now was the opportune time to test every boundary going.. 😁. However these were the only niggley parts the rest was truly wonderful. 

I had packed and planned simarly to our last holiday but it Tuscany self catering really means so. We had a stock shop to do and quickly found a nice routine for us all. 

We ate fab food, baked in the sun and splashed in the pool to our hearts content. 

One encounter did upset me though. We were outside one of the restaurants where a few older girls were playing and Josh attempted to join in whilst keeping a watchful eye on mama. One of the bigger girls snatched the ball off Josh and turned her back, he was devastated. He had been so hopeful that he could play with them that is broke my heart. As he cried and ran back to me I could see some of the girls wondering if they should intervene (perhaps an early maternal instinct of sorts or just good manners who knows) but they thought better of it with the bigger girl and continued their game. I know it’s ridiculous and Josh will have many encounters like this, lots without me there but something about it upset me, maybe it was the first time I had properly witnessed kids being unkind to mine  and that was why it affected us that way. 

Anyway back to the good stuff. Josh found a new love for ice cream, gelato at its best! We also came upon a wonderful little playground in our local village so every morning we would take turns to stop for pastry in our fav cafe and have some slide fun while the other slept.

They love kids here and the older generation thrive on youth, it’s lovely to see. 
We are returning home tomorrow with a September start and itching legs but warm hearts.