Josh’s First Swim


In one of my previous posts I mentioned we were taking Josh for his first swim. In short, all went well so we will be returning soon but this is how the first visit went.

I had ordered his swim nappy from water babies and it arrived promptly and we picked up huggies swimmers in a Supervalu for only 5 euro so we were all set! See nappy below..

We chose Meadowbrook as I had heard good reports on the baby pool. My husband works from home on a Friday so took his lunch a little early and off we set on a windy day. Meadowbrook has clearly had a great refurb in comparison to other local pools. It has great parking too which is always a bonus. Josh was free so we just paid for myself and Ian. There is also a nice viewing area if you wanted to avoid a double charge each time.

The changing rooms are unisex which makes family changing very easy and they have some really large cubicles and family friendly rooms/areas within the space. I must admit that without Ian there I think I would have found the whole changing procedure a little more tricky but I am sure I’d get the hang of it, maybe with a little more preparation.

So off to the pool we went.. The baby pool is only slightly warmer than the main pool but Josh took to it well. He was a little shivery but once we started moving him about that seemed to subside. We put him in a baby ring and whilst he wasn’t squealing with delight, he certainly wasn’t screaming in horror. There is also a lifeguard on duty who quickly told us to stop taking pics!
We didn’t spend long in the pool for our first visit so it was back to get dried off in turns after.

We attended a parent and toddler hour but on Sundays they also have family friendly slots throughout the day which we will be attending next time. I think once he has gotten used to the water it would be well worth doing proper classes with him as I am not a confident swimmer so wouldn’t have the repertoire to advance his swimming skills.

All in all another enjoyable activity and one that we will continue a couple of times a month!